Hear And Now


Director: Irene Taylor Brodsky. Producers: Irene Taylor Brodsky, Crofton Diak and Eve Epstein. Editors: Irene Taylor Brodsky and Geof Bartz.




Awards and Festivals

Sundance Film Festival (Winner, Audience Award), Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival


In this deeply personal memoir, filmmaker Irene Taylor Brodsky documents her deaf parents’ complex decision to leave their world of silence and undergo a dangerous surgery to get cochlear implants — the only one of its kind that can restore a sense. At the age of 65, Paul and Sally Taylor decided they wanted to hear their first symphonies, hear their children’s’ voices, and talk on the phone. How will this operation transform them, their relationship with each other, and the deaf world they might leave behind? This is a story of two people taking a journey from silence to sound. The question is, what will they make of it, and what might they gain — or lose — forever?

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